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The full Shake The Lake graphic novel in digital formats.

  • 160 full-color pages
  • Complete with artistic statements from the creators
  • Bonus art
  • WIP and character study designs
  • Read on your computer, phone, iPad an all other digital devices

Shake The Lake Graphic Novel in multiple digital formats. Available in Kindle and straight .pdf formats. Both file formats are downloadable immediately upon purchase. 
NOTE: This product is still in a pre-order phase so files will be emailed to purchasers as soon as the product launches in early 2020. 

Shake The Lake Graphic Novel - Digital Download

  • Orders placed now will be the first to ship when we launch in early 2020!! 

    We've been working on Shake The Lake for 4 and a half years and are finally completely finished. In anticipation of our full release, we are slashing prices for Christmas 2019. All pre-orders will be shipped no later than February 2020. 

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