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STL V1 Launch - Launching a Comic Book

After a significant absence, we're back with the official release of STL V1.... one second... Yeah! It feels good. Limited edition hardcopy prints are in (and going out), the Kindle edition is up on Amazon and the digital version is available right here at

We've got some terrific reviews from action sports companies and comic blogs. I enjoyed this one from Drifting Thru.

We're also looking at creating some special STL content solely for review purposes. This might end up being Megan smoking a cigar or other one-off concepts. We'll include these as extras in future volumes or as free content to subscribers.

To celebrate over a year of hard work, we're offering at-cost discounts for our Launch Sale. Head over to the "Get The Goods" page and pick yourself up a copy today. I'll outline our onboarding process with the Amazon Kindle Comic Creator in the next blog post.

We did a lot of research on comic printing and quality vs price in the industry and settled on a fantastic choice. I'll make an upcoming blog write up on that as well.

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