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Making A Graphic Novel Is One Big Party

Why make a graphic novel? Because it's a lot of fun (as in taking snorkel beer bongs from dancing ladies at a house party fun). It also requires a lot of work, time and effort from very talented people. Obviously, the illustrators are going to carry the majority of the weight bringing a story to life in comic form. Below you can see Diego and Andrea putting an extraordinary amounts of detail into their frames.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, the more detailed you can get in your planning and frame layout, means that you will get a much better translation of your thoughts into the art.

As rewarding as the creation process has been, the true joy and destination of

this whole journey will be delivering the book, in volumes and as a whole to the audience. I'll assume that a lot of people in the wakeboard industry will be among the first to read this and of course there will be pockets of comic books fans who are following along with the production.

Thanks for reading. Shake The Lake is the story of a group of friends, chasing the endless summer who find themselves in a new laketown attempting to save a bullied marina from snobby yacht club encroachment by staging a mammoth end-of-summer wakeboarding festival.

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