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Keepin' It Real, While Keepin' It Safe!

Shake The Lake Graphic Novel takes place in two very different worlds. Our crew starts their adventure in Shasta, a fictional mid-west lake town. Shasta is a small, suburban haven for middle class American families. There's not much for culture here but it's a great place to grow up. Everyone's friendly and accomodating and family values run deep. Deals are sealed with a handshake and Callun and his friends pretty much rule the roost. If this were Texas, these boys had better be playing football but in Shasta, wakeboarding is about the coolest thing a kid can do. The chicks dig it, especially if it's "Kilt Wakeboarding, No Undies." There's lots of trees, green grass, and clean water. The color scheme is blue, green and yellow.

There's not a lot of ways to make money here as we find out when Cal's parents pressure him to get a summer job. His best options are making $12/hr as a receptionist at the health club, working at the Syntec Gas Station or spraying weeds for the county with his dad. "You're not gonna do better than that in this town until you get your bachelors."

After Cal gets dumped by his girlfriend and evicted from his rental, he convinces his friends to join him on a summer adventure to Lake Victoria, Arizona. Think Lake Havasu or as named Lake Victoria from "Piranha 3D". This is the Red Neck Riviera. A desert oasis. Just east of the Inland Empire and Southern California "Bro Culture". Big trucks, tattoos, piercings, edgy fashion and razor sharp attitude. It's like Gym-Tan-Laundry, except nobody here needs to tan because it's 105 degrees all summer long and the sun shines every day. And laundry? Nobody wears a full set of clothes. It's bikinis or bust. So its Gym-Party-Get My Nails Did. The chicks are smokin' and unless you're driving a suped up F150 with a dirtbike in the back, pulling a cigarette boat, you're not getting any digits. "We're not in Kansas anymore Dorothy!" Our Shasta crew become fish out of water.

Lucky for them, they've got a childhood friend to help get them settled in the new surroundings. Nika and her best friend Megan take the guys under their wing and do their best to keep them out of trouble. But trouble finds them in the form of two disgruntled Park Rangers named Zeke and Dalton.

Cal and his friends must adapt and overcome if they're gonna pull off throwing a wake event in this town.

Thanks for reading. Check back soon for more information on how we're making one of the best graphic novels. Shake The Lake is the story of a group of friends, chasing the endless summer who find themselves in a new laketown attempting to save a bullied marina from snobby yacht club encroachment by staging a mammoth end-of-summer wakeboarding festival. To get more information, subscribe to our mailing list for tips at creating your own comic book, to keep up to date on our blog and to get release info on the Shake The Lake Graphic Novel volume 2. You can order volumes 1 & 2 now on the website. It'll be a hot minute before we're done with V32 so support the project and kick us an email.

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