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Adding Fashion To Graphic Novels

North Air Entertainment has a lot to live up to placing fashion into our content. Being the brother company of El3vated Clothing means we've got to portrait our people with the right kind of action sports steez and trendful style. We also work with a ton of cool companies and brands who push sports, gear, style and culture so thankfully we've got a lot of inspiration around us. When we made our TV show "The Breaks", we set off to populate the series with as many cool threads as we could find. Our production time crunch was abou the only thing that hindered what was very nearly an "Entourage" level of product placement in our show. But this wasn't shitty selling out, THIS WAS AWESOME! We simply showed real brands in the environments and cultures that they created and inspired which in our opinion is a truthful and very cool view into what it's like working and playing in the action sports industry.

We put "Freegun" underwear and bikini bottoms next to "Lost", "Spyder" and "Rickland" surfboards, drove them around in "Jeep Wranglers" while wearing "Rockwell" and watches, "Von Zipper" glasses and "Live 2 Shred" t's. We looked good AND were authentic. We even put Sunny Garcia in his "Carve" shirt. It doesn't get more authentic than that... at least not on tv.

So, picking out the fashion for our characters is a HUGE job. We try to dress up everyone that makes the page, including the extras. This means a lot of man hours pouring through and compiling outfits. I usually dress Cal and the main crew in detail and then give a handful of blanket suggestions for the background population that's fitting to the scene or location. It's a lot of upfront work but it really pays off to see it represented on the page. As an added bonus you get to discover a bazillion cool new designs. If I wasn't 6'7 I'd probably have a shopping problem.

I try to pull styles from our network of friends, companies and brands because why not keep it in the family? but occasionally I'll stumble on something so obnoxious if has to go on Woog's character. If it's humorous, it belongs to Woog. If it's unique enough it goes into Cal's dresser. Ie the Storm Trooper Tattoo Bikini below.

And I can't lie, though fun, the man hours I've spent picking out bikini's for Megan and Nika to wear and also to populate the Shake The Lake event is sickening. It's all in a hard days work. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!!! See for yourself.

Thanks for reading. Shake The Lake is the story of a group of friends, chasing the endless summer who find themselves in a new laketown attempting to save a bullied marina from snobby yacht club encroachment by staging a mammoth end-of-summer wakeboarding festival. Stop by again to learn how we are attempting to make it one of the best graphic novels.

To get more information check out the "SHAKE THE LAKE" page at Subscribe to our mailing list for tips at creating your own comic book, to keep up to date on our blog and to get release info on the Shake The Lake Graphic Novel. You can pre-order volume 1 now on the website. It'll be a hot minute before we're ready to sell the full graphic novel but if you'd like to support the project in the meantime, kick us a supportive email or get yourselve some fresh steez at

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